La Ligne Scandinave

Maritime Agency

La Ligne Scandinave has been present on the Malagasy international transport market since 1913. It is recognized for its seriousness and professionalism..

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Transit and Air Freight

The structure is headquartered in Antananarivo, the capital of the island, and is composed of several agencies in the provinces.
Chief Executive Officer : Odd-Gunnar K. HEFFERMEHL
Deputy General Manager : Gérard DIORE de PERIGNY

General Agency of the :

Canada – Usa – Europa – Madagascar – Europa – Usa – Canada CONTAINERED MARINE SERVICE

Egypt – India – Pakistan – Emirates – Far East – Southeast Asia – Singapore * – Mauritius – Tamatave – Reunion

*Singapour :
Singapour – Tamatave : 14 days at sea
Tamatave-Singapour : 14 days at sea

Ship’s agent
hydrocarbon carriers,
bulk ores, cereals,
of oil etc …